Blends and Derivatives:

Aminat has the ability to provide custom blends and derivatives of Aminat Ethyleneamine products to meet specific needs. We work in partnership with customers such as Huntsman to develop custom products and specifications.Aminat blends and derivatives can be used in applications including:

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    Asphalt Additivess

    Amidoamines, made by reacting ethyleneamines with fatty acids, are used in a number of applications, including asphalt additives to improve properties of paved surfaces.

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    Lube Oil and Fuel Additives

    A major use of ethyleneamines is in the manufacturing of lubricant and fuel additives. Ashless dispersants are used in engine oils to reduce sludge and varnish deposits caused by the low-speed of motor vehicles.

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    Epoxy Curing Agents

    Ethyleneamines are widely used for curing (cross-linking) epoxy resins both as the pure amine or, more often, as a derivative that contains primary and secondary amines which can react with the epoxy resin functionality.

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    Wet strength resins

    Applications for wet-strength resins include paper towels, weather resistant packaging, milk cartons, frozen food packages and vegetable boxes. Products requiring immersion in water such as photographic paper, filter paper and certain textiles in hospital bed sheets and gowns are areas where wet strength is important.