Project & Milestone Status:

Arabian company is limited liability company with 50/50 JV between Zamil and Huntsman.

Plant construction started from April 2008.

Plant commissioned on 17th May 2010 and quality Ethylene Di Amine has been obtained on 22nd MAY 2010


Aminat got ISO 9001:2008 certificates by September 2012.

Aminat got ISO 9001:2008 certificates by September 2012.

Aminat is included in the list of the Fastest 100 growing Saudi Companies.

Aminat completed 7,000,000 Safe Man-hours with LTI, in July 2012.

Achieved the Production Record of 25,091.71 MT as of December 8, 2012, and drum filling record of 265/day against

number of 234/day and reactor operation was 128% in the Aminat production history.

Aminat selected by the Saudi Cabinet to make a report about and to take photograph of the Company.

Aminat has made many great achievements and always seek excellence.


Aminat EHS department provides and ensures the Safety of employees

and plant and facility as well by giving guidelines and more responsible

activity which integrates environmental awareness, and enrichment of our projects.


Aminat cares a lot for its staff. Aminat provides them with competitive benefits.

Keeps them well trained. Aminat has a very good work environment. Works with Human Resources Investment Fund.

Coordinates with King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Ties-up with Jubail Industrial

College Dealing with Technical Institute, Jubail. Aminat looks after its employees and Families as well.

In this connection, Company arranged family Gatherings in regular intervals.


We are proud to serving our country by contributing and participating various campaign and activities.

Aminat usually contributes in Social activities through distributing booklets of Civil Defense and

participating in several other Government campaigns by contributing generously.