Aminoethylethanolamine (AEEA):

Mixture of: CAS # 000111-41-1, 2-[(2-aminoethyl)amino]-ethanol.Aminat Aminoethylethanolamine (AEEA) can be used in applications including:

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    Chelating agents

    Polyaminocarboxylic acids and their salts derived from ethyleneamines are used in a variety of applications where specific metal ions interfere with processing, or require buffering, concentrating, separating, or transporting.

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    Lube Oil and Fuel Additives

    A major use of ethyleneamines is in the manufacturing of lubricant and fuel additives. Ashless dispersants are used in engine oils to reduce sludge and varnish deposits caused by the low-speed operation of motor vehicles. Fuel additives that control deposits in the fuel system of motor vehicles are produced from ethyleneamines.

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    Textile Additives

    Uses include applications for man-made and natural fibers and fabrics. Ethyleneamines provide improvements to the properties of dye sorption, adhesion, flame proofing, abrasion resistance, anti-static, and handle.

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    Urethane Chemicals

    Ethyleneamines are used in the manufacture of polyols and also in the production of catalysts to react polyols with isocyanates. The main applications of these polyols are in urethane systems for appliances, spray foams, building panels and elastomers.

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    Fabric Softeners

    Fabric softeners are used to impart softness and antistatic properties to machine washed laundry. These products can be introduced as part of the detergent package, added in the washing machine rinse cycle, or added in the clothes dryer.

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    Amphoteric surfactants are mild surfactants used in shampoos that are active over a wide pH range.