Aminat offers a complete line of ethyleneamine products. These materials are useful in a wide range of applications. Capable of a broad range of reactions, ethyleneamines from Aminat provide the highest levels of product quality, value and consistency to the customer.

Aminat manufactures ethyleneamines by the ethylene dichloride/ammonia process. This process consists of the reaction of ethylene dichloride with ammonia, followed by neutralization with sodium hydroxide to produce a mixture of ethyleneamines and sodium chloride.

The salt is removed from the amine mixture, and the individual amines are separated by fractional distillation.

While most individual distillation fractions are sold as products, others are formulated to obtain desired physical or chemical properties or reacted further to obtain the final product.

Reliability, quality, and consistency are important in the production of ethyleneamines. A reliable supply of product is necessary for customer success.

Ethyleneamines are useful compounds employed globally in a wide variety of applications.