Our Mission:

  We are committed to operate our company under world class standards for EHS, PSM AND security.
Aminat employees, contractors and visitors must feel safe and secure whilst on site and their responsibilities to ensure their own and our colleagues safety and well being.
We conduduct our business with honesty, fairness and highest ethical standards.
Our customers are vital to our success. We meet our internal and external customer expectations and will expect the same from our internal and external suppliers.

We respect both the values of the society, in which we operate and all of the multitude of cultures we work alongside.

The entire organization contributes to our success and we will all continue to treat each other equally and with respect. Our policies will continue to reflect our intent to recruit and retair our high caliber people.

We will continue to create an environment which provides growth and recognition of personal and team contribution and involvement, ownership and accountability are expected in every task we complete open courteous and prompt communication, built on a foundation of mutual trust is vital to all we do.